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CHEX earns you real yield from Real World Asset (RWA) issuance and trading fees on the Chintai Network blockchain
CHEX is the Chintai RWA blockchain utility and DeFi gatewaytoken

RWA Utility

TradFi/DeFi Gateway

Multi-chain Liquidity


Chintai tokenizes and trades all Real World Assets, including securities

Chintai is the first regulated Real World Asset (RWA) financial institution with a token: CHEX.  Chintai acquired both Capital Markets Services (CMS) and Registered Market Operator (RMO) licenses in 2022 from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). A third custodial extension to the CMS license is pending.

This licensure allows Chintai to efficiently issue security tokens in primary markets and subsequently trade RWA in secondary markets under full regulatory compliance, offering an ever-expanding investor distribution network in a burgeoning marketplace projected to be $28 trillion by 2030.

CHEX At A Glance

CHEX powers Chintai’s permissioned L1 blockchain for RWA tokenization, issuance and trading.  CHEX is the heart of the platform.  It's a required resource to execute all transactions, compliance monitoring, account maintenance and dynamic fee conversions, powering a blockchain that reaches finality in a half-second while processing 8,000 transactions per second (TPS), setting a new standard for speed and efficiency in digital finance.

Powers All Transactions

CHEX is the Chintai Network blockchain utility token that resources all transactions.  The entire RWA platform runs on-chain and CHEX is required to power all activities, including RWA issuance, trading and account maintenance, activities occurring directly in Chintai Nexus and indirectly with several clients using Chintai's full RWA lifecycle white label services.


Stake for Real Yield & Airdrops

Staking CHEX earns real yield from a vibrant RWA ecosystem where rewards derive from all blockchain activities: token issuance, trading and maintenance, with anticipated Total Value Issued (TVI) in the billions of USD by 2025.  Issuers can optionally airdrop related tokens with a lockup period to CHEX stakers. CHEX tokenomics offer stakers significant passive income by contributing to platform liquidity and stability.

CHEX is a multi-chain RWA token linking ETH, SOL, BSC and EOS blockchain communities


CHEX is a multi-chain powerhouse, boasting built-in bridges to Ethereum, Solana, Base, Binance Smart Chain and EOS. This gateway enables interoperability, broad liquidity and investor access across several blockchain communities, exposing investors to a diverse RWA secondary marketplace while enhancing liquidity across the blockchain landscape.

CHEX is deflationary with RWA activity-based buyback and burn

Fully Distributed  & Deflationary

998.8M CHEX tokens are fully distributed with no locks, no vesting, also deflationary to ensure long-term value through activity-based buyback and burn, reducing supply over time, potentially increasing token value, increasing participation in the platform and ensuring its growth and long-term success.

Chintai Clients, Partners
& Collaborators

For the past five years, Chintai has collaborated, partnered and signed client agreements with some of the world’s largest financial institutions.  David Packham, Chintai CEO, explains:

We actively collaborate and work closely with Asset Managers, Family Office and Entrepreneurs to drive this transformative movement forward.  Together, we are co-creating highly customizable white-label solutions that empower our clients to explore the digital asset space confidently.

To be clear, collaborate means public confirmation that discussions have been held; partner means public confirmation that an agreement has been reached to work together; client means an RWA tokenization agreement is in place with a position in the issuance pipeline.

Chintai’s Chief Growth Officer confirmed early stage RWA collaboration with JP Morgan Chase in November, 2023. David Packham confirmed RWA collaboration with BlackrockVanguardSS&C and Northern Trust during a recent Benzinga interview, as discussed beginning at time point 1:23:07. David Packham also discussed Blackrock collaboration during the Benzinga interview at time point 1:08:50.


Chintai recently stated its partnerships with Ernst & Young, DBS and Passion Venture Capital. David Packham announced a partnership with Coinbase to distribute RWA issued by Chintai to Coinbase accredited and institutional customers on Base. David Packham also confirmed a joint marketing partnership with Ernst & Young with ongoing joint VIP sessions, additional collaboration with J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Standard CharteredInteractive Brokers, GAM Investments, Hywin Financial Holding Group and The Ascent Group, plus collaboration with several sovereign funds, exchanges, private banks and asset managers, including a recent event with SchrodersHSBC and PhillipCapital.

Some clients have been publicly identified with dozens more operating under non-disclosure agreements:

On May 16th, 2024, Chintai's CEO noted:

The next few months are exciting for us as we launch [CHEX] staking, announce significant client issuances, and unveil major partnerships.

Chintai anticipates $2 billion in assets issued on-chain by the end of Q1, 2025.

Where To Buy CHEX

CHEX serves multiple roles as Chintai's blockchain utility token. CHEX is required to power all transactions. It is a gateway token for liquidity between decentralized (DeFi) and traditional (TradFi) financial networks. Its multi-chain design attracts liquidity and investors from several blockchain communities including:

  • Ethereum (ETH)

  • Base

  • Solana (SOL)

  • Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

  • EOS Network


CHEX is available on these centralized exchanges (CEX):


CHEX is available on several decentralized exchanges (DEX) across five public blockchains:







Binance Smart Chain


EOS Network

CHEX is alive in the Ethereum Ecosystem


Emphasis is on the CHEX ERC20 token with deep ETH liquidity

Contract 0x9Ce84F6A69986a83d92C324df10bC8E64771030f

Uniswap (CHEX/ETH)


SushiSwap (CHEX/WETH)

CHEX is alive in the Solana Ecosystem


Bridged to Solana on 3-March-2024 to establish liquidity

Contract 6dKCoWjpj5MFU5gWDEFdpUUeBasBLK3wLEwhUzQPAa1e

Market ID D8JjVpFdXjFvHmsX7LyFy8iHXEqzhbQo576Rt8rZkyiq

Raydium (CHEX/SOL)

Jupiter (CHEX/SOL)


Suggested Solana Wallet: Phantom



CHEX is alive in the Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem


CHEX is alive in the EOS Ecosystem


Newdex (CHEX/EOS)

Defibox (CHEX/EOS)


Chintai Nexus
By Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs

Chintai Nexus is the place to tokenize, issue and trade RWA
Chintai Nexus is Chintai’s RWA tokenization, issuance and trading website used by:
  • Financial institutions for RWA tokenization and primary market issuance, all assets in any class including securities
  • Retail, accredited, expert and institutional investors to invest and trade RWA in secondary markets, democratizing investor access more than ever before
Nexus also fulfills a longstanding need to gateway between decentralized (DeFi) and traditional finance (TradFi), ramping fiat to/from banking institutions, bridging crypto liquidity across several blockchain communities including ETH, Base, SOL, BSC and EOS.
Nexus represents Chintai’s commitment to democratize investor access to traditionally private, illiquid investments, expanding RWA access to retail investors more than ever before. Investors can evaluate and trade RWA to diversify their investment portfolio. Liquidity providers can stake CHEX for passive income.
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